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Charles Henry Rosenfelder Jr. “Hank”

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1999 University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Bachelors of Art degree: Concentration in Painting and Drawing


Visual Fine Artist; UI & UX Designer; Brand and Marketing Consultant

I have over 18 years of excellent experience in several industries. Specialties include user interface design, user experience design, web design, presentation design, brand identity, marketing collateral & product marketing for print and web. Over the last 15 years I have worked closely in business development for startups and well established companies in the Internet Technologies Industry, Fashion Industry, and Oilfield Construction Industry.  I have worked well in teams in the marketing departments of major corporations, and helped lead teams in that worked with ad agencies in the telecommunications and fashion industries. I use my background as a creative thinker to see the big picture of a project, then break it down visually into the smallest details to create thoughtful solutions for sales, and marketing needs.

I am a stickler for defining all variables of a project with detailed scope documents, storyboards, and wireframes of the work to be produced before a project truly begins.  However, when necessary, I have experience with using a focused “shoot from the hip” execution when a project has an urgency for completion.  I enjoy problem solving, and defining solutions to needs or issues by using visual explanations backed with well defined verbiage.  I approach projects already thinking “outside the box”, and look to always define current workflow processes and then redefine processes in workflows that are wasteful and/or dated.


Visual Artist drawing, life drawing, watercolor, oil painting, and large scale mural painting (20+ years)

Illustrator – scientific visualization, architectural illustration, and concept artist (20+ Years)

UX designer – creative problem solving, process diagramming, wireframing, storyboarding, information architecture, software and web navigation flow. (15+ years)

User interface (UI) design – icon creation, web-safe palettes, web template creation & implementation, wireframing, complete interface design. (15+ years)

Branding and Marketing – corporate identity, marketing collateral, advertisements, brochures, flyers, signage, large-scale graphics, branding, typography, print and web presentations, photography, corporate presentations. (15+ years)

Project Management – directing programmers and art directing designers, practice Agile and LEAN philosophies (5+ years)

Software:  Google Apps, Windows OS, Microsoft Office, Mac OSX, Omnigraffle, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Adobe Creative Cloud Apps: Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash


2004 – Present: Double Rafter H Construction  Brand Development and Brand Manager.

I developed the Double Rafter H brand originating from one of the brands used by my Texas family. I also developed logos and marketing material for the sister companies of DRH.  I continue to manage the Brand and marketing collateral for DRH Construction and it’s 11 year old charity fundraiser, the DRH Register Skeet Shoot and Scholarship Fundraiser held every October.

2012 – Present: YPS Industries  Director of Software Development and Software Implementation with DRH Construction.

Since 2012 I have been in a Project Director role for YPS Industries focused on the development of a cloud based platform for Project Management, Job Costing, and Communications in the oilfield services industry.  I work directly with our Austin based software firm CabForward, and with DRH personnel in developing and refining a minimal valued V1.0 product.  This web application is currently running DRH Construction back office processes and has begun to redefine the current way the business conducts business in an affirmative and positive way.

Recently I lead the efforts for streamlining DRH business workflow processes and implementing a standardized company nomenclature of all operations. These efforts are used by the software as a control for project communications.  The implementation of standardization, and with the integration of mobile apps, information from the field is now being seamlessly feed to the back office.  DRH has been able to greatly reduce the client invoicing time from 5-6 weeks to only 7 days. This has reversed an AR cash flow issue, that last year was millions of dollars behind, and routinely payments on completed projects were 60 to 90 days late. The back office AR audit process has drastically improved by making the audit of a project happen electronically instead of with paper.  This clean data from an audited project is now pushed to Quickbooks for the final creation of the client invoice and utilized for near real time job costing, and efficiency reporting.

I am currently positioning this software for adoption by 2 major oil and gas operators, and have recruited the vendors of DRH to participate in a 6 month trial before finally taking the product to market.  Product marketing materials have been created to “sell” the value of real time job costing and its inherent efficiencies gained to improve the bottom line.  This app has brought real time visibility to DRH’s vendor supply chain during a major downturn in the oilfield services industry, adding to its overall usefulness in this industry.

2008-2010: Digital Media Graphix Business Development and Sales

Helped to bring in web development and app work from NASCAR (Charlotte) , the National Geographic Channel (Washington DC), and for Music Industry Record Labels like Big Machine Records (Nashville). Helped in developing a USB Flash Drive App delivery method used in recording music off of sound boards at live concerts.  Helped to define how this app could be  used to deliver a fan club app for artist and bands.  The “Gigmark” Flash App is still being used today to deliver content for large corporate catalogs at a fraction of the cost of printing and mailing them.

2007: MTV Networks Assistant to the Director of Video Production Technologies   

Worked directly with the Director of Video Production Technologies for Viacom , to help conceptualize and develop an interactive space for the Spike TV show GameTrailers. Created several concept illustrations for the layout of the work space for the shows crew and developed diagrams showing the video production workflow.  Also helped in creating informative visuals for the Vice President of Spike TV. These visuals were directly responsible for helping him secure a $600k budget to build up Spike TVs overall product brand.

2007 to Present: Wear It Out by Manny Business Development and Brand Development

Worked with Manny Cuevas in developing his own fashion company and brand. Development of his own logo and website. Helped in overall business development dealing with product development, placement and sales.

2005-2006: Manuel Exclusive Marketing Director and Executive Assistant to the CEO

I was Responsible for creating the initial business investment documents and multimedia presentations by working directly with the Venture Capital Group of Dallas, TX.  I created the look and feel for the overall business plan, prospectus, Initial Pitch presentation, and created and produced a video presentation that was used to raise $9 million in investment for the launch of the Manuel fashion line Manuel Exclusive.  I developed the website for the company and worked with other designers and agencies in developing marketing materials for the brand and marketing of the fashion line.  I also assisted the CEO and designers Manuel and Manny Cuevas, with the logistics of developing the first samples for the fashion line.  I worked directly with Kelly Cutrone of The People’s Revolution in helping to set up and produce Manuel’s first NYC Fall Fashion Week appearance at 7th on SIXTH.  I helped with the logistics and production of a week long Hollywood Promotional party for the appearance of the fashion line during the week of the OSCARs.

2001-2003: 4DMedia Group Art Director and UI, UX developer

I was responsible for developing user interfaces for Flash applications, streaming applications, and interactive illustrations.  Creative Director: Branded the 4DMG application look and feel creating all web graphics and web marketing materials for everything produced by 4DMG. Worked directly with another designer in creating the product marketing materials.  Worked with our programmers to conceptualize and create a web based media communications platform with a dynamic backend and an interactive front end using the Flash Communication Server, Coldfusion, and SQL Server2000.  4D Media Group developed one of the first browser based Video Conference platforms, and also developed one of the first uses of Flash Video Streaming websites where a user could upload any video format and the server converted it into Flash Video.  Think Youtube.


2000-2001: Qwest Digital Media Website Project Manager

Designed, built, and managed the Qwest Digital Media corporate website.  I was responsible for the creation of interactive content and marketing collateral for the sales force at QDM. Researched and studied delivery systems for streaming media, web collaboration tools, and interactive presentations to create new concepts for a corporate communications tool.  I gained valuable marketing experience by working with highly qualified marketing professionals who had developed branding campaigns for several Fortune 100 companies.  I gained insight to the inner workings of the streaming media industry, media delivery over the web and the telephone communication industry in general.  I Participated in two major branding campaigns to develop the corporate identity of the company.

1997 – 2000: International Thompson Publishing: San Francisco and the University of Tennessee Physics Department. Art Director and Illustrator

I helped the project lead author and developer, Dr. Mike Guidry in securing funding for the project by creating the presentation used in securing 5 major book publishers for the project. Worked with the UTK Physics Department developers, and the publisher Thompson Publishing (Brooks/Cole) during the initial phase of the online textbook conceptualization.  I created a majority of web site graphics for the site navigation and flow of the website.  Work directly with astrophysics professors and authors, to create Flash interactive illustrations based upon astronomy concepts and theories.  I created over 100 Flash Shockwave interactive animations that displayed these astronomy concepts and theories. These illustrations and animations were created to be visually easy for students to understand, but kept to a strict scientific standard.  The Online Journey Through Astronomy was the first major published online college textbook for astronomy courses.


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